Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini Update

Wow, it's been two full weeks (now it's over twenty days, I typed this on 1/30 and never released it so I am going to stop holding on to it and send updates in parts or it will never get done with all the busyness of moving) since we have been in our new home!  It feels absolutely wonderful and we are still tickled pink.....

AND....we have been smiling ever since!  LOL

We have chosen instead of moving everything at once and exhausting ourselves to make the moving, packing and unpacking a joyful, easy and effortlessly experience.  One way to create this experience was to turn in our keys to our rental agent on February 18 which gives us plenty of time to prepare our home the the BIG MOVE!!  I embrace easy! With that said, we have done the following so far:

1.  We purchased and installed six televisions (two of which we already owned).  One is my absolute favorite:  the 60 "Samsung Smart TV!!   We have become a Samsung household!  I love their products and the rave reviews from other consumers.  It's absolutely ridiculous what these Smart TVs and Smart Refrigerators can do and the added convenience it brings into a home.  I am now a true advocate of the Samsung product line.  We also discovered that the Samsung we previously owned can be turned into a Smart TV.  What!?  Really??  If you currently own a television with WiFi connectivity it can be done.  There is a adapter that you hook up to the television and whoila---you have a Smart TV.  It cost approximately $199 which is not bad at all.

2.  Our Samsung French Door with Flex Drawer with Apps was delivered several days after our closing.  We were suppose to close on a Friday and I had to reschedule all of our deliveries and some how we were rerouted off the schedule AGAIN!  For our inconvenience, they awarded us with two $75 gift cards.  SCORE!

3.  Our deer park water dispenser decided it has served it's purpose and it's timing was impeccable which meant replacing it with a newer dispenser!  YAY!   It also has it's own Smart and safety features too.  We are using this in our wet bar area since the refrigerator comes with a water dispenser.  This delivery was rerouted for the same reason so they gave us four cases of water, the sparkling 100% juice for free.  SCORE!

4.  My husband (bless his heart, I love him dearly) has installed four large pendants (the morning room, wet bar and my dressing room).  He did a fantastic job with the installation.  It was awesome watching him get creative to install the morning room pendant because it was wired as a plug in.  Off he went to Lowe's to get the appropriate parts and he turned into a ceiling rough in.  He amazes me and it looks gorgeous.  Please check it out below:

It is made of capiz leaves and has a platinum color metal trim.
It looks like a Full Moon with Flowers!


  1. No matter how fast or slow you move the only thing joyful about it is when you are DONE! lol

    We are a Samsung family too! They always seem to have the best reviews. I can't get over how many TVs everyone is installing. It's making me feel old fashioned or something since we only have (and want) one. We will eventually get a second one for the basement once it is finished though and it just might be one of those Smart TVs that everyone else seems to love.

    Love the moon flower! =)

    1. M- we currently only have 1 TV too... we will be purchasing another one after closing, but that will only make us a two TV household.

  2. That light fixture is beautiful, so unique and special.

    Count me in the Samsung fan club too - two of our TVs are Samsung and that's the first brand I'm considering for our refrigerator and additional TVs.

  3. Wow! That light is sooooo beautiful! Great find! I am an LG person but I think I may have to check out the Samsung too! I have my eye on a 70 inch Sharp Aquos but I have heard thu arent as reliable.

  4. Oha and thanks for your advice! My PM is the greatest. Most of my nos turned into yes real quick! Even the one we emailed about! You are on it lady! Thanks again!

  5. absolutely love your light fixture! it's beautiful.

  6. Love the light fixture! We plan to move in slowly as well.

  7. What a beautiful and unique light fixture! Great that you are moving in slowly and enjoying every second. I hope when we move we can do it in the least stressful way possible. Great to hear how happy you guys have been! Can't wait to see more pics!

  8. Look how happy you are.......great for you!! I am still a little lost and trying to feel comfortable in my new area and home ...

    We have also been a samsung family, just got our 65in Smart, but we HAD a 53in say we can turn into a smart tv?? What you say?? Need more info....

    We have mostly samnsung TV and fridge and microwave...

    And...........I wanna steal your chandeliere...........where did you get it......I want it for my bed room...

    Please tell!!!

  9. I love that pendant! Where did you get it? I'd love to see some pictures of your dressing area all furnished... I really want to turn our sitting area into a dressing room some day.

  10. Your ears must have been burning, I was thinking of you yesterday. I'm so happy that you and the hubs are settling in. I LOVE the light!!! I can not wait to see what decorating ideas you will share with us! Happy moving, my friend!

  11. you have GOT to give us the details on that pendant. stunning!

  12. Thank you everyone for your generous comments!! I found the pendant on They have several distributors and products of their own too. Most of the items are from Boomingdales, Neiman Marcus etc this pendant came from Neiman Marcus. I love love love their products and plan on getting my stools from them too. They usually have great sales with 25-40 percent off. The pendant cost $549 and I caught it on sale for $200 less which I was thrilled about. Warning some products come with shipping, packaging and delivery fees. Just pay attention to the details when ordering. But don't fret because some items with these fees are waived but you must watch the site for that must have piece to get a good deal.

  13. That pendant is GORGEOUS!!!!!