Saturday, May 12, 2012

In my Rodney Dangerfield voice, "we don't get any respect around here!"

We have been through many phases of this new building process that it's making my head spin!  I have to admit, since we are only 5 minutes away from our new community, I make frequent visits to our Lot #28 just to admire and dream of all the possibilities.  We watched another Rome on Lot #34 get built, and are now watching Lot #27 being built with an Oberlin.  The speed at which they are building is amazing!  They now have Lot#29 started with a Victoria Falls.  Lot #30 has a Milan, the framing is up, up, up!  Lot #24 has another Milan. Lot #39 has a foundation that I can't determine what it is--need to check with the SR.  Lastly, another Rome is being built on Lot #21.  The good news is that both Rome models that currently exist do not have the Elevation C that we picked.  Yay!  Lots of building going on around our isolated Lot #28. So in the meantime, our precious Lot #28 is being used as a garbage disposal, a porter potty, and dirt dumper.  This sucks.  It was very pretty with the SOLD sign on the Lot. For weeks they have had this huge dumpster sitting on our Lot and our SOLD sign was bent against the dumpster. No respect!! Luckily, I had taken enough shots of the Lot before today.  Like I said, "we don't get any respect around here!"


  1. If you are handy, check out those dumpsters. I have scrapped all kinds of wood and built storage shelves.