Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Quick Post!

This is just a quick post to share a little something something! We have been busy and I will share an update shortly.  In the meantime, we celebrated my 50th Birthday on Saturday with over 100 guests!  Just Amazing!!  I can't wait to see the pictures from the party!  I didn't take any photos; however, here are a couple of pictures that folks shared with me.  

The Theme for the Party:  My Little Black Dress
All the ladies came dressed to impress with their little black dress and the men wore black slacks and black shirts!
We HAD a BALL!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's this About??

We live in a community where the following houses are offered for sale:
**Update:  Jasmine Model They are currently preparing this model for its new home owners.  This model has been on site for three years; however, when the market started to shift and people began purchasing they did not want this model. We have just a few Jasmines in the community.  It's pretty; but not functional and practical to me.  People who began purchasing last year had to travel to other cities to see a model and others took a leap of faith on the homes listed below.  We drove an hour away to see the Rome.

Homes being offered:
Victoria Falls

And NOT one family has built a Ravenna or a Verona! However, when I read the blogs you find Veronas and Ravenna's being built it many communities? Is it your community offering? What seems to be the popular build in your community? Certainly, in our community the Rome became so popular they got rid of the Jasmine model and built a Rome (elevation C with front porch). As you know, the front porch was a non standard request on our Rome and we had to wait 8 weeks for approval and tbey loved idea so much they built the model with it and now folks can purchase with or without the front porch! We definitely started a trend! But back to the mystery--why are folks not buying the Verona or Ravenna? We have nearly three hundred more houses to build so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds because the only homes being built are the Milan, Naples and of course the Rome!

***Ohhh I forgot to mention; if I am correct the Victoria Falls floor plan is still on the wall of the NEW Rome model which was released at the end of February.  This means it is still being offered; but only one family has built this home since January 2012 and it is housed next door to us on Lot #29. We have an Oberlin on Lot #27 whose elevation looks like a Victoria Falls.  It has a very cute floor plan.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mood Lightening for your Kitchen/WetBar

Okay, Okay, is a DIY Project that has been on our radar since we chose NOT to purchase the $500 installation for the under the cabinet lightening in the kitchen and $500 installation downstairs for our wet bar through RH.  I am not a DIY project type of person; but I welcome these type of projects for cost effectiveness so that we can put our money into bigger projects that we must hire contractors to do for us.   My DH doesn't mind doing DIY projects that are in his scope of work and welcomes the challenge.  YAY!  This means his hunny-to-do-list is growing.  :-)

. This is the link I posted several months ago with some valuable information and another blog post below for additional information.  Both ways are cost effective--enjoy!

Ikea has the lightening and a host of others provide the lightening for a much, much, much lower price.  If you are at the beginning stages of your BUILD you can ask for one additional outlet inside your cabinet for $75 because a outlet is already installed in your cabinet above the microwave if you have the OTR microwave.  If you do not have the OTR microwave you may want to consider two outlets; however, it just depends on the set up of your kitchen.  Just use your discretion as you check out this blog post I found through Thrifty Decor Chick!  She did an excellent job!  Check it out!