Friday, January 25, 2013

Our First Snow!

What a beautiful sight to wake up in our new home with our first snow!  I realize with us starting out in our new home in January there will be a lot of "firsts" for us this Year of 2013! 

 Too Tickled!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We DID it! We DID it! WE DID it! HOORAY!!

Press Play to Celebrate With Us!!  Thank you!
What GOD had for us was already here, we just needed to remain steadfast, patient and remain faithful throughout this journey!!  




  We did not arrive to our closing at 12:30 pm because we found out at the last minute that the original number we needed for closing was less, so we ran back to the bank.  We need this extra cash back NOW!  We received a phone call asking where were we--who shows up late after all these months!  
LOL  You gotta love it!!  
We need to go shopping and the extra money back was SWEET!! 
Not to  mention the timing was impeccable!!
 We arrived at 1:05 pm and left with our three keys at 3:05 pm.  

We DID it! We DID it!  We Did it! HOORAY!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


We are at a 2012 New Year's Eve Event!

We are tickled pink that we are:


 Tuesday, January 15, 2013, at 12:30 pm.  

This was the original date our PM gave us so everything is in


It took consistent phone calls, fax and emails to get our closing!

We are Moving Forward!

2012 has been a awesome year that I will never forget!  It was a year and half long wait; but it was worth every second of it!!  We closed 2012 knowing that we will bring in the New Year with a New Home, New Beginnings, and a New Foundation for our Marriage!
Praise the Lord!  GOD is Good!
I look forward to 2013 in our New Home, celebrating both 50th birthday, our 13th Wedding Anniversary next month, our first Thanksgiving, Christmas in our new home, decorating our new home and starting a new job as a Interior Design Consultant which is a FIRST for me.  I decided to pursue this career path after so many nudges from people in my life.  I do not have any formal training for it; however, God has given me the eye for design. I look forward to this opportunity and the path it will lead me too and so much more.........

Two more days and we will be in 


Friday, January 11, 2013

This is a HOLD UP!

We are "NOT CLOSING" today!

We are waiting for a few documents from NVR!  One being our certificate of occupancy which was signed weeks ago by our PM! 
We have our final approval!  However, we need our "clear to close call" which will not happen without the paperwork and once it is received the paperwork needs to be processed for clearing!
 There is a total disconnect and miscommunication between all parties involved!  No one seems to know what is going ON!  

This is crazy!!
It looks like we may be able to close on the original date, Tuesday, January 15, 2013, given from our PM during our pre-construction meeting after all.  We still plan to meet with our PM today at 10:00 am for the mini walk through.

The letter from NVR with our walkthrough and settlement dates mean nothing at this point. 
Hopefully, we will receive confirmation today!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Final Reveal Day - Pictures Part 3

As I promised, the pictures are coming through in groups and this is the last set from our walk through! We are still waiting for our "clear to close call" from the mortgage company and the certificate of occupancy from Ryan Homes.  Our final inspection on the home has been completed which I am happy about because closing is scheduled for tomorrow.  However, we ran into a problem -- our home is being appraised for less than the sales price of the home which means there is a possibility that we may not close tomorrow as scheduled.  We will still meet with our PM at 10:00 am for our mini walk through before going to closing at 11:00 am.  I am praying that we can come to an amicable resolution TODAY.   Please share any feedback regarding this process.  FEEDBACK, please and thank you!  Enjoy the pictures!

Guest Bathroom
Without the Mirror - no glare!!!  lol
I plan to install my own handle pulls and knobs for each bathroom and the kitchen.  

This picture is out of sequence!!  As you can tell, my goal was to put the pictures in order.  Ohh well!!
These are the two basement windows facing the pond which bring in great sun light.
This picture was taken at night several weeks ago.  The pictures I have of the basement facing the morning room section will not load properly, so instead of getting frustrated this picture is in its place.  I will take some more pictures and add them later.

Two-Tone Kitchen
I believe I will be able to work with the backsplash!
The Black Fridge is temporary. We are installing a stainless steel French Door Fridge from Samsung with Apps.
It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon after closing! Can't Wait!!  


View of the Kitchen & Morning Room
Lightening isn't the best; however, we get plenty of sunshine and
three different views from the Morning Room that I absolutely LOVE!
1.  Back view - we can see cars driving by which makes me feel connected me to the city which is where my roots are planted! (NYC)
2.  Directly across the street you can see cows grazing, they tried to cross the street the other day - priceless   lol
3.  Two windows on the side faces the pond - lovely!

PM Greg demonstrating our double ovens!
It is amazing what these ovens can do!  I am too tickled!!

I am in LOVE with this five burner gas cook top!!!
The buttons light up when the stove is turned on!  
It's the perfect indicator to remind you that the stove is lit up!
Nice safety feature and I have no clue what else it does but it does a lot.  

My husband is excited because I am inspired to cook now!  LOL

This microwave has many functions too!!
in LOVE!!
It is a microwave, convection and regular oven.  Just ridiculous!
Our PM demonstrated the features on it and I have never seen anything like it before, so I feel blessed to have these great appliances in my new kitchen.  

Family Room
Floor to Ceiling Fireplace - Color is Ledgestone
Study/Home Office Door to the Left

My Study/Home Office!

Rick enjoying the fireplace while I take pictures!
I am standing in my office - window to the left

Our Wet Bar
I didn't grab a picture of it; but the compact refrigerator is housed inside the section with the over hang.  We also plan to install a television between the cabinets.  There should be three pendants there but I took one out for easy viewing and purchased some different pendants.  I really don't like these pendants that come with the wet bar.
We will be using the wet bar as a Juice/Smoothie Bar!
We don't drink!  :-) 

View of the basement
Straight ahead is the bathroom and finished small storage area
I put in standard carpet with upgraded padding.  I will be ripping the carpet out only (keep padding of course) and also replacing the flooring between the wet bar.  The area straight ahead is our "healthy mind, healthy body" area.

Inside the Finished Storage RoomPM Greg did a great job finishing out this room.  He covered the electrical panel with the Andover White cabinet door and installed the door for access to the main sprinkler system.
This is our Spa/Exercise Room!
A Sauna is being housed to the left of the lights and seating with storage will sit underneath the recess lightening.
The carpet is being ripped out and replaced too.

We received the Full Bathroom has an incentive for purchasing the home!!  Awesome!
The ceramic tile is almond with almond grout.
This is the only bathroom that I chose to include the towel bar and soap dish, because they are made from the same materials.  This isn't the greatest picture either because you can't see the color or diagonal floor pattern.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reveal Day- Pictures Part 2

This is Part 2 of Reveal Day!!!
I forgot to mention yesterday that we left home with the walk through check list that from M's blog (awesome), the pen, the pad, the tools to check electricity that Cami suggested on her blog (the PM used his tools and we will use ours after we move in - great tip Cami!), the level and  DID NOT USE ANY OF IT!   WHY?
We chose to be in the moment and enjoy the experience!  We chose to be observer's in our new home instead of running through the house picking out what may be wrong!  If we saw something we pointed it out; however, we chose to disarm the BLUE TAPE!  This felt so much better than looking for what was WRONG.  Our choice was to focus on what was RIGHT!
This allowed us to relax and have FUN!

Window View In My Dressing Room  : - )

Hubby's Combo Gentlemen's Closet
(Shoe Parlor in the Back & Hanging in the Front)
We are installing Custom Closet Systems in both of our Dressing Rooms, so we asked to delete shelving in our closets to avoid leaving holes in the wall.

The Master Bedroom is HUGE!
I love the space in here!!
Open Door is Entry into Hubby's Gentlemen's Closet

Children's Guest Bedroom #4

Let's Go Back Down stairs!
Upstairs Hallway
Standing in the Entry of Bedroom #2 (My Dressing Room)  

Partial View of Kitchen looking into Morning Room
Partial View of Powder Room
Partial View of Dining Room & Pantry Closet

Dining Room/Living Room w/Columns
Bay Windows Facing the Pond

Standing in Dining Room - Facing towards Front Door
Partial View of Front Porch through the window
Oil Rub Bronze Chandelier

Huge Pantry - Love it!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

REVEAL DAY!!! That's the Way I LIKE it! Pictures Part 1

Press Play While Viewing :-) We had a fantastic day and I am super excited about our new HOME!  We met with our PMs from 10:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Both Greg and Ryan have done a fantastic job on our home!  I keep using the word fantastic because it looks and feels so beautiful.  I even loved the way the backsplash looks in the kitchen.  Imagine that!!!!  It's going to work out after ALL!!

 I strongly suggest that you have breakfast before your walk through!  We plan to meet up with him again on Friday at 10:00 for a mini walk through to see the finishing touches on the house before our closing at 11:00 am.  Tomorrow is a very promising day for the exterior to be painted.  The weather forecast is suggesting 57 degrees at which must be at least 50 degrees.  So the timing is impeccable because I really wanted us to move in with a finished HOME and that we will have.  I am so elated!!  On another note, we still wait in anticipation for the "clear to close call" from our Loan Processor which we expect to happen tomorrow.  Our Loan Processor, Stephanie  is on IT!  She is absolutely amazing!!  I couldn't have asked for a better Loan Processor.  I also have to admit that our Loan Officer, Moe is awesome too!  They are during a fantastic job and have been doing so since we started working with this new TEAM!   In the meantime, I have loads of pictures to share and my  computer isn't cooperating!! UGGHH!  To avoid getting booted out again, I must send the pictures in groups.  So here is the first set.  

Lots of Sunshine coming through the windows!!
Mud Room / Carpet / Espresso Banister & Hardwood Floors
 I plan to change out the white for a deep dark grayish color iron/metal inserts for a different design style.
I really don't like the white between the Espresso
 Let's Go UPstairs!

Taking Picture from the corner of the Loft
Facing Converted Laundry Room (My Lady Lair)
Laundry Room is in the Basement
Straight ahead is the Guest Bathroom
   Bedroom #3 for Adult Guest - Door on the Right
The Boob Flush Mounts in Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

Standing in Master Bedroom
Top of Steps - Hallway
Facing the Loft for Library/Study Lounge 

Guest Bathroom
 Requested PM to install Durango Shelves in opposite corner away from shower head

View of Guest Bathroom
 Durango Shelves opposite side of shower head
I felt safer with the shelves on the opposite to create more elbow room while showering
LOL - looking at this picture you can see the towel bar and opposite end of shower in the mirror - looks weird!

Partial View of Master Bathroom
Looking into bedroom and door open to hubby's closet

Another View of Master Bathroom & Carpet
Entry to My Dressing Room Straight Ahead & Next Picture shows the other side of my dressing room

Master Bathroom Closet & Bedroom #2 Combined to Create My Dressing Room
Door to the left is the Guest Bathroom


Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank You & Electrical Wiring Tip!!

I want to thank ALL of you for being my BLOG FRIENDS!!!  

Your feedback, your comments, your suggestions, the research you shared so openly, your encouragement, your willingness to be honest and your desire to share your building journey has been a tremendous gift to me.  I can't thank you enough and I am so grateful to have had a forum to share our year long journey of building and purchasing a new home with you. You read my blog, listened to my concerns; however, it was twofold.  We learned from each other.  There are things in my home that I would not have ever considered without your support.  For instance, wrapping our water heater in a water blanket to reduce our utility bills (Thanks to Thomas at Ravenna Speed).  This will allow us to enjoy the ceiling to floor fireplace and not worry about high utility bills.  Who wants to spend all that money on a fireplace that they never turn on.  Many people include this upgrade in their homes but are unable to enjoy it because they concerned about the bill being too expensive.  Well, thanks to this tip, we will enjoy our fireplace and an abundance of other things in our new home.  We are also considering solar panels for our new home too (Thanks to Erica for this tip).   My all time favorite upgrade in our new home is our double ovens (Thanks to Maria at Home Sweet Rome).  She was so kind and generous without knowing who I was and because of her generosity the structural items I wanted in my kitchen are complete to my satisfaction.  I can't leave out our PM, Greg who also helped my dream kitchen become a reality.  Thank you, Greg! There are so many things that I can talk about but I would be here for days if I listed them all.  I also want to give a special shout to those who contacted me via email:  DWtimes2, Maria (Saving Queen), Maria (Home Sweet Rome), Emrose, Isz Wisz, , Danielle, Amanda, Heather, Mike, Crystal, Sherita, James, Melissa, Catherine, Julia, and our new neighbors--(Sheldon, Alejandro and Sharon).     

As you know, I have agonized over my back splash for weeks and I appreciate all of you so much for your honest feedback and suggestions.  This was a tremendous help in making my final decision.

Lastly, we may not know each other personally;  but there is a connection that we will forever share that will remain precious in my heart which is building our dream homes and the opportunity share our highs and lows in the process.  

We have our walkthrough tomorrow at 10:00 am and we are thrilled to see the house.  It's been several days since I last walked in and I can't wait.

In the meantime, we are still supplying documentation for our final approval to the underwriters and waiting for the CALL or EMAIL that says, "we are clear to close on Friday, January 11, 2013.  As we wait, I will continue to pack, plan, prepare to move into our new dream home.  Fingers Crossed!!  YAY!!

***For those of you who can, consider installing an 110V outlet inside your master bathroom cabinet to keep those unslightly wires out of the way from the hair dryers, razors etc***

Saturday, January 5, 2013

BackSplash Discovery - Picture of Kitchen for Maria ADDED!!

Stopped by a NV Home model today and to my surprise this is what I found.  This kitchen has a subway pattern stone backsplash.  It doesn't appear as thick as our backsplash;  but they a look at both and tell me what you think is missing from our kitchen and why doesn't seem to work or does work!
Honest, feedback is appreciated!!  Thank you.

NVR Model Kitchen - Bowie, Maryland

Maria, here is a picture of the kitchen!!  I will have more pictures on Tuesday from our walkthrough!
PS. Ignore the black fridge!! We have all stainless steel appliances.  So imagine the kitchen without it.  We had to put the standard fridge in the kitchen in our region.