Sunday, March 9, 2014

Major LOST! Tragedy!

Hi Everyone in Blog Land!
It's been a very long while and a rough period for my family and I.  Devastation begin to hit our family extremely hard when I landed in the hospital last year in October and the events have not ceased.  I am devastated, grieving and mourning.  I have had some major losses and taking the time to recover.  We lost our stepfather in October during my hospital stay, lost my daughter on January 19 who was only 31 years old and survived by her daughter, Ylicia who is 7 years old and on February 19, my grandfather passed away as well.  I am utterly devastated!!  I decided to peek in today to see who is still activate doing the time of our build.  Sending cyber hugs to hold and please KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS FOR PEACE, COMFORT as I try to do the last thing on earth I would ever have to imagine doing.  I dreamt of giving birth to a child, but never burying her...

Here's to the love of my life, my bestie:  Quaniyah "Eliana El" Luck.

Her Last Christmas 2013 with US!

Quaniyah and my granddaughter, Ylicia!

picture of a picture


QUANIYAH was famous for taking selfie are a few...this one is my all time favorite!!