Friday, October 2, 2015


It has been a while since my last post. Obviously, the devastation of my daughter's death with five other family members within a five month period crippled me from the day-to-day living that created a new normal in our lives.  It is great to see some bloggers staying in the game when we were building together. I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who left a message of encouragement and condolences on my blog about my daughter. Our family is still adjusting to this new normal and I appreciate your support. I enjoyed building our ROME and it was a pleasure watching and learning from other bloggers. Our family decided to move forward and we sold our ROME. Yep...we sold our ROME!!! We are currently in the process of building a Toll Brothers Home. I plan to begin blogging on that journey and hope that you will follow us as you did with the ROME. Enjoy your day and I look forward to blogging again. Please feel free to join us at our new blog site at