Thursday, October 3, 2013

TOP 20 LIST - #7 Our Neighborhood/Trails

One of the twenty things I love about our HOME is the neighborhood that we chose for our home.  It has plenty of trails and beautiful scenery.  It is a pleasure being in this neighborhood.  We have a amphitheater, supermarket, gas station, gym, cleaners, frozen yogurt store, jazz spot, pizza, sushi and chinese restaurants, and a host of other stores just seconds away from the house. We can walk or drive to it.  We also have a clubhouse with a beautiful pool, tennis courts, and mulitple playgrounds scattered throughout the neighborhood for the children. 
 Our community is called **Fairwood**
This picture shows one end of Fairwood Parkway.  To your right, notice the first house, it used to be the model called the "Jasmine" which RH no longer builds in our community.  It was phased out once the popularity of the ROME increased.   Look farther to the right and you can see the Rome model they built in January 2013.
  The same month we went to closing on our ROME. 

One of the many beautiful trails. 
This trail is an extension of the lower trail near the water.
Look closely you can see our ROME.
 It is the house with the two bay windows. 

One of the many playgrounds for the children.

Fairwood Parkway
Off of Fairwood Parkway you will find town homes, condos, villas and single family homes.  Each section has a unique name.  For example, there is:  the Chapel, the Hope, the Progress, the Bounty, the Greenfields, the Legacy, the Promise, the Retreat, and the list goes on and on.  The scenery is beautiful driving down Fairwood Parkway.  I love driving down Fairwood Parkway capturing the view on the way home.

More Trails

Closer view of the pond near our house.  You can see our house better in this picture.  The trail is literally next to our house.  We tend to walk Harley around the pond.  He loves it.  The geese love it too.  We watched two geese raise their babies for several weeks in the pond.  I have seen deer (of course), fox, and ground hogs near this pond. 

We are close to a small, small airport and throughout the day the planes are consistently flying over our home. There is minimal noise because they are so small; however, they appear much larger since they are always taking off over the community.  Eek!  My grandchildren love watching them fly by. 

Rolling Trails


  1. Beautiful! I need to get back to my list LOL! We have amazing lakes and trails also, it is so nice to have them right where you live! Makes you feel like you are on vacation!

  2. Wow, the views are amazing. The walking trails are so pretty too. I wish we had as many amenities close by as you!

  3. I have been to your neighborhood before and it is beautiful! Oh I finally updated my blog!!

  4. Those wonderful But i do love the trails. I haven't had a chance to walk on them yet. I have to get out there before it gets cold!