Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What's Going With LOT #28???? - Update!!!


In the meantime, I will take this opportunity to update you on the progress of the house:

1.  Our new home orientation (walk through) on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.
2.  Settlement on our new home on Friday, January 11, 2013.
3.  Locked in at an excellent rate of 3.25 %.
4.  Drywall completed weeks and weeks ago.
5.  The house is illuminated--we have electricity.
6.  The cabinets are installed; however, we are missing a couple of cabinets. missing cabinets came in TODAY! 12/12/12
7.  All bathrooms are complete with tubs, commodes, showers, granite sink tops, vanities, mirrors, lightening, shower surround, floor tile, faucets, etc.
8. Floor to Ceiling Fireplace installed, waiting on the large platform piece.
9.  Guardian work completed.
10.  Porch columns installed
11.  Garage post, front door post, recess porch lights, recess, sconces and floodlights installed.
12. 60/40 sink installed with kitchen faucet
13.  Espresso Hardwood Floors on entire main level installed.
14.  Carpet throughout home installed with exception of small storage room.
15.  All additional lightening fixtures installed including standard lightening.
16.  Exterior siding, louver and brick is installed, missing shutters on front porch
(I am not too crazy about our exterior colors, we discovered after the brick installation that the house sits SW which doesn't get the sun shining directly on the house and the red brick that I thought would pop is not popping  :-(   I am hoping once they install the missing porch black shutters and paint the columns and paint the door black it will make an impression on me).   All of the other shutters are installed.
17.  The trim throughout the entire house is installed and looks fabulous.
18.  The small storage room in the basement is finished (non standard request).
19.  The wet bar is installed with full set of cabinets on both sides with Ubatuba granite counter top.  The sink and recess lightening is installed too (comes with wet bar).
20.  The grading on the property is complete and expecting the sod.
21.  The initial painting was completed; however, they guys had to come back to patch various locations and will be repainting the last coat.  They showed up as I was leaving--12/12/12
22.  The driveway, crosswalk and porch are complete.  We have more than a 30 inch drop from the porch so we may be getting a railing.  They are bringing in more dirt and may try to give us a steep hill to avoid installing a railing.  According to code in the Maryland area, if the drop on the porch is higher or at 30 inches they are required by code to install it.  I really would like the railing for safety measures.
23.  The large unfinished storage room in the basement insulation and laundry hook ups installed.
24.  The laundry tub is installed in the basement.
25.  The whole house humidifier is installed.
26.  The sump pump and battery is in position.
27.  The house is painted with a platinum white which gives the walls in the house a two tone affect.
28.  Vent registers installed throughout the house.
29.  Deadbolts installed on all doors.
30.  Central Vacuum System installed
31.  We do have plumbing that works (forgot to add)
32.  We do have water of course too.
33.  I forgot to mention the St. Cecilia granite looks gorgeous on the island and cabinets.

Outstanding Items:
1.  The trim on the exterior needs to be a painted (door, columns etc.
2.  The house number installed.
3.  The sod installed (this week) YAY!
4.  Stainless steel appliances installed; namely the dishwasher, cooktop, double ovens, OTR microwave.  (The refrigerator that will be installed is a RH standard, we opted out of this feature and purchased a Samsung French door with APPS)!  YES!  I can't wait to use it.  Stopped by today and guest what I found the appliances installed.
5.  Final paint and clean up.   Paint job completed TODAY!
6.  Durango shelves removed and installed in desired location in guest bathroom.
7.  110V additional outlet removed and installed in desired location.
8.  Waiting for the correct kitchen cabinet above the microwave.
9.  Backsplash installation

**This will be my last week visiting the interior of the home.  I only plan to take pictures of the exterior which includes the completed landscaping.  If the shutters, doors are painted, I will take photos of them; but I don't think they will do that until later.  I am very anxious to see the landscaping completed and our tree placements.**

I will re-enter the home on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, at 10:00 am for our "REVEAL DAY." 

I want an element of surprise and I am sure whatever items we find from the new home orientation will go on a punch list to be completed before closing on Friday, January 11, 2013.  We have done a fantastic job being certain our non standard requests were met to my specifications from my daily visits to the home at least three times a day since we currently live only 5 minutes away.   Our PM has done a  fantastic job meeting our requests and continues to do so which is a blessing.


  1. Sounds like things are moving right along!

    I updated the blog about exceeding your photo limit and solutions... in case you want to take a look at it.

  2. I sure miss your pictures but am happy to hear that everything is still moving along!

  3. Tell me more about your whole-house humidifier! That's something that I want, but it never even occurred to me to ask RH for it.

  4. You WON girl!! LOL, got my closing date today Jan. 15th, you won by 4 funny huh???