Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TOP 20 - #12 - Driveway & #11 - Parking

First and foremost, it would have been nice to have a side load garage; however, they were already taken.  So we searched for a lot that would give us a long driveway within a cul-de-sac.  The driveway is 66 feet long which allows for two large trucks and four smaller cars OR nearly eight cars depending on the size of course.  This is a good deal especially when guests come over to visit which is not often; however, the family who are staying with us never have a problem with parking.  We also have a complete empty side of the cul-de-sac which allows for plenty of parking as well and we are never interrupted from visitors in the neighborhood.  We chose the perfect LOT on the South Side of the Chapel.  The area is not congested and we can move freely in and out of our section of the community.  Totally, happy about this selection.  


  1. Sometimes I think plentiful parking is more important than the house itself! Cul-de-sac parking is wonderful. and 66 ft of driveway is plenty enough especially when it is a wide driveway. Very wise choices!

    We have lots of family in NY and they ask us often to move there, and our main come back is that, "but we have plenty of parking in OH!" So I totally understand where you are coming from.. In our old house when new neighbors moved into the house next door, they started parking one of their five cars directly in front of our house, making it difficult for us to get in and out, yet not blocking it enough to have a case to stop them from parking.. We hated it so much it was one of our motivations to move.. and one of our reasons for doing this monster driveway in the new house..

  2. Yup we seem to love our big driveways!

    Makes it so much easier to move about :)