Thursday, August 1, 2013

TOP 20 - #13 - Laundry Room

During our build my choice was to have the laundry room installed in the traditional location of the basement.  I thought it was cute to have the laundry room placed upstairs for convenience for those who desired it; however, for me and my house I LOVE the laundry room in the basement because it afforded me the space to wash, hang and dry and iron our clothes.  Bottom line:  I need space and the cute laundry room quarters was way to small for me.  This model does not accommodate a large extended laundry room.  Some models offer the laundry room on the main level next to the mud room which is pretty cool; however, if I had a preference I would have a large mudroom on the main level and still keep the laundry room in the basement because the washing of clothes is so personal and having it at the front door did not work for me.  We have future plans to design my laundry room as a finished area.  YAY!! 

 Can't wait!!!!  I am so tickled about the design that was created for my laundry room. because it will include the cabinetry, folding table, ironing board, handing rods etc to wash my clothes in a central location because I am all over the place without it.    Lastly, placing the laundry room in the basement freed up the proposed laundry room upstairs for different usage....ding ding ding!!  That's right, more space the better.  I know some folks swear by it upstairs which is convenient, but I knew it would not work for me because I need a laundry work space with space.  
This is a cute simple, luxury layout!
I want to walk into my laundry room excited to do my laundry and without the space and the necessities in place its a dragggggg! The space suit and pipes and hvac system messes up a great I can't wait to it's finished. 
I later learned that for those who choose to keep the laundry upstairs for convenience need to include extra joists to stabilize the floor because when you are washing clothes it causes the entire floor to shake and you can hear it through your entire house.  Also, if you have little people you may have to monitor when you wash the clothes due to the noise.  I have also heard that the machines are much do your research on the machines and if you can be sure to ask for extra joists to stabilize your machines so that you can enjoy your choice of an second level laundry room.


  1. I agree fully! We did the same thing and opted to put ours in the basement too even though our floorplan has an area on the 2nd floor. I need my space too! We are going to turn the area that would be the 2nd floor laundry into a room for our doberman. We'll put a babygate up so he's not shut in.

  2. We seem to be on the exact wave length on the laundry room issue.. We wanted to save the mud room and wanted a large laundry room in the office. We posted about it on our blog.. Long story short, we had them put the laundry hookups in the office which shares a wall with mud room. This was the only thing they'd allow us to do. There are some drawings we posted but not the finished product yet.. It took some negotiation to make them see things our way, but we hope it will be worth it..

    Laundry in the basement would not have been an option for us, with a family of 6 and over 10 with frequent visitors, we are doing laundry multiple times a week.. that trip the basement would drive us nuts, especially since the bedrooms and all the clothes are on the 2nd floor already..

    Love that picture of the laundry room, great inspiration, but at the same time this looks better than our master bath so it is kind of sad!

  3. Your laundry room is going to be nice. Oh I hope our washer doesn't shake our whole house! That will drive me nuts!

  4. You beat me to the post...this is what I want a luxury laundry. Stay tuned for my next blog post!

  5. OUrs too is in the basement and I wouldnt have minded it on the first floor, but I never knew any different so it's no bother at all.

    I agree with the drab "urg I dont wanna do laundry" cause all the pipes and crap surrounding it right now..

    Hubby promises to fix it soon, right now we are in patio mode, building that with a roof and a fireplace and sitting walls, hope to be done in 6 weeks. :)

  6. Hi Nadase, It's Maria! How are you? I love your laundry room design. Can I come over to do my laundry at your house?!?!? Did you put hardware on your cabinets yet? I am having a hard time deciding on hardware. It is driving my husband crazy! I had ordered over $300 in hardware that I ended up not liking and it cannot be returned, so now I am hesitant to do it again! I just posted pictures of our deck that is under construction. Check it out: