Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Lot #28?

When we were choosing our Lot, we had four MUST HAVEs: 
1.  Build our Home in a Cul-De-Sac with a walk out Basement
2.  Choose a Lot that would accommodate our vehicles:  

(2)  F150s, BMW X3
(Harley Road King Classic & Suburban (both missing from photo)

3.  Side Entry Garage
4.  Build in the Fairwood Community

Well, we were able to get three out of the four, which we were pleased with because the last side entry garage was taken several months ago.  It was more important for us to be in the Fairwood Community as long as we could secure a Lot within a cul-de-sac with a long drive way which meant losing some backyard space and potentially front yard space.  We picked Lot #28 with a driveway that extends 60 feet from the curve in a cul-de-sac located in the Fairwood Community.  There were two cul-de-sacs to choose from, but the other cul-de-sac had in ground Lots with short drive ways (not gone work)! 
 Our LOT #28 (still with the Dumpster sitting on it)!  Took this the other day!
  Now that the other two houses are built we see how much front grassy area we do have which is not much at all; however, we are A okay with this because the drive way was more of a concern for us.  Most of the grassy area will be on the right hand side of the house. Harley will still have plenty of yard space to run around and handle his business.  lol and  I will still have a space to grow my herb garden.  Yay!!

Three of our vehicles!  We would have loved the three car garage or side entry;
however, not available when we signed our contract.  There is no way these guys would fit inside the garage.  We opted to put my vehicle (pictured in the middle) and his Harley motorcycle in the garage.  The other guys will have to remain outside.  With the driveway being 60 feet back, we can keep both of the larger vehicles parked on the left hand side directly behind one another.  This will allow me to drive out of the garage without having to move vehicles around!  The other vehicle will stay parked at our business office.  My husband tends to drive his work truck home everyday and use the Green F150 on the weekend. This will be such a convenience for him because we are only allowed to have two parking stickers and he has to maneuver the cars from resident to visitors depending on the truck he drives home that day.  The snatch man is out every night so we try to be careful! This is going to be a big relief for him when we move.

This is the house to the left of us on Lot #29 (Beautiful Victoria Falls)
They have a huge lot and long driveway.  There driveway is the same distance back as our driveway. We met them the same day they secured their contract.  It was very funny because they were on the fence with the Lot and I was hoping they would not pick it.  LOL We later discovered that they secured the Lot the same day.  We could not secure our Lot until a week later.  But GOD is good all the time because when we secured out Lot, we discovered the Rome Home of the Month special was being offered on two lots and you guess it, Lot #28 was one of them but you had to build a Rome which was the model we had already chosen (WHAT!?) and it offered
huge huge huge huge incentives. What a DEAL!! We had more to spend on upgrades!  Major Score!

This is the house to the right of us on Lot #27 
(Beautiful Oberlin with spectacular views of the pond)
We did not want this Lot because the driveway was to way to short!  However, it would have been nice to have that complete pond view! They were the first homeowners to move into the cul-de-sac and we will be the last home owners to move into the cul-de-sac! 


  1. Nadase, so glad you got your long driveway and lot that you wanted. Nice that RH had incentives on your lot. Your right, God is good!!!

    1. Thank you! It meant a lot to us to have the long driveway! Even though we wished we could have gotten the side entry or three car garage, we were excited that the Lot was still available when we signed our contract. AND what a surprise about the incentives!!! I just keep thanking God for what he is doing in our lives. It's awesome!