Thursday, January 10, 2013

Final Reveal Day - Pictures Part 3

As I promised, the pictures are coming through in groups and this is the last set from our walk through! We are still waiting for our "clear to close call" from the mortgage company and the certificate of occupancy from Ryan Homes.  Our final inspection on the home has been completed which I am happy about because closing is scheduled for tomorrow.  However, we ran into a problem -- our home is being appraised for less than the sales price of the home which means there is a possibility that we may not close tomorrow as scheduled.  We will still meet with our PM at 10:00 am for our mini walk through before going to closing at 11:00 am.  I am praying that we can come to an amicable resolution TODAY.   Please share any feedback regarding this process.  FEEDBACK, please and thank you!  Enjoy the pictures!

Guest Bathroom
Without the Mirror - no glare!!!  lol
I plan to install my own handle pulls and knobs for each bathroom and the kitchen.  

This picture is out of sequence!!  As you can tell, my goal was to put the pictures in order.  Ohh well!!
These are the two basement windows facing the pond which bring in great sun light.
This picture was taken at night several weeks ago.  The pictures I have of the basement facing the morning room section will not load properly, so instead of getting frustrated this picture is in its place.  I will take some more pictures and add them later.

Two-Tone Kitchen
I believe I will be able to work with the backsplash!
The Black Fridge is temporary. We are installing a stainless steel French Door Fridge from Samsung with Apps.
It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon after closing! Can't Wait!!  


View of the Kitchen & Morning Room
Lightening isn't the best; however, we get plenty of sunshine and
three different views from the Morning Room that I absolutely LOVE!
1.  Back view - we can see cars driving by which makes me feel connected me to the city which is where my roots are planted! (NYC)
2.  Directly across the street you can see cows grazing, they tried to cross the street the other day - priceless   lol
3.  Two windows on the side faces the pond - lovely!

PM Greg demonstrating our double ovens!
It is amazing what these ovens can do!  I am too tickled!!

I am in LOVE with this five burner gas cook top!!!
The buttons light up when the stove is turned on!  
It's the perfect indicator to remind you that the stove is lit up!
Nice safety feature and I have no clue what else it does but it does a lot.  

My husband is excited because I am inspired to cook now!  LOL

This microwave has many functions too!!
in LOVE!!
It is a microwave, convection and regular oven.  Just ridiculous!
Our PM demonstrated the features on it and I have never seen anything like it before, so I feel blessed to have these great appliances in my new kitchen.  

Family Room
Floor to Ceiling Fireplace - Color is Ledgestone
Study/Home Office Door to the Left

My Study/Home Office!

Rick enjoying the fireplace while I take pictures!
I am standing in my office - window to the left

Our Wet Bar
I didn't grab a picture of it; but the compact refrigerator is housed inside the section with the over hang.  We also plan to install a television between the cabinets.  There should be three pendants there but I took one out for easy viewing and purchased some different pendants.  I really don't like these pendants that come with the wet bar.
We will be using the wet bar as a Juice/Smoothie Bar!
We don't drink!  :-) 

View of the basement
Straight ahead is the bathroom and finished small storage area
I put in standard carpet with upgraded padding.  I will be ripping the carpet out only (keep padding of course) and also replacing the flooring between the wet bar.  The area straight ahead is our "healthy mind, healthy body" area.

Inside the Finished Storage RoomPM Greg did a great job finishing out this room.  He covered the electrical panel with the Andover White cabinet door and installed the door for access to the main sprinkler system.
This is our Spa/Exercise Room!
A Sauna is being housed to the left of the lights and seating with storage will sit underneath the recess lightening.
The carpet is being ripped out and replaced too.

We received the Full Bathroom has an incentive for purchasing the home!!  Awesome!
The ceramic tile is almond with almond grout.
This is the only bathroom that I chose to include the towel bar and soap dish, because they are made from the same materials.  This isn't the greatest picture either because you can't see the color or diagonal floor pattern.


  1. I hope your situation comes to a resolution quickly. All I can say from looking at your photos is...when can I come and visit?!? I love your house. It is beautiful, serene, and so spacious too.

  2. I hope you can get the appraisal issue sorted out so you can still close on time! *crossing fingers*

    Everything looks great! I like the backsplash much better in the pictures where you can see the entire kitchen! It doesn't appear to compete with the granite when you are not zoomed in on it. I love the double wall ovens and the cooktop!

  3. The backsplash looks so much better when you take a step back! You hardly even notice the granite at all. Looks great!

    I too hope you get everything squared away with your appraisal. Congrats!

  4. oh my gosh your kitchen looks amazing! I can't wait to see how you decorate everything. Love the bar in the basement too!

  5. It looks amazing! I am getting the same oven and cooktop and I cant wait to use them I am a baker so i needed the double oven! Hope you get the appraisal worked out fast so you can close ontime. Good Luck!

  6. The backsplash looks good in those pictures!! I LOVE the basement with wet bar! When we no longer have kids in the house (in 18 years) I want to do that!! I hope everything goes smoothly and you get yourselves into that beautiful dream house!

  7. ur bar looks great! that was the one thing we wasn't sure about. the plans are now to install a bar on the opposite side under the morning room. but great job Greg! and I do agree with m, elise and cami your backsplash looks completely fine. good luck with closing!

  8. That kitchen is do die for! If I had a kitchen that beautiful I'd be inspired to cook, too. It's gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous. Loving that dark wood floor, too. Fingers crossed all goes well with the appraisal.

  9. Your house looks AWESOME. I love the dark wood and granite. I'm jealous of your basement! I pray that everything is handled timely!

  10. Wow! It all looks amazing! I love your floors!!!!

  11. Wow! It all looks amazing! I love your floors!!!!

  12. Your backsplash looks great in the kitchen! Once you see the whole picture, it fits in fine. And everything else is gorgeous too! We didn't have an option for a wet bar with our house/region, so we'll be installing a dry bar ourselves down the road. It's nice to have it done for you!

    As for the appraisal - good luck. That was the issue we had. We were able to come to an agreement with RH, we gave some extra funds to them to cover our Guardian selections and they in turn took some off the cost of the house. However, I fear that appraisal may be expired by the time we close, so we may be in your shoes again. My advice would be to figure out how much extra (if any) you can contribute in addition to that which you are already expected to pay out. Be prepared, but don't plan to pay the full difference (you don't want to be upside down at the start!). Don't show your cards when you negotiate with RH, and ask them for help. As others have told me: it will be very very hard, perhaps almost impossible, for them to sell your house to someone else for full asking price. So they likely want to make a deal with you - negotiate!

    1. I just posted below before I read your comment. I think it was your blog I was reading about this. I hope everything works out for you too. :)

  13. Your kitchen is so amazing and those floors just make it so elegant! And I hope that RH will compensate for the lower appraisal and discount the price of the home, it only seems fair, how could they expect you to pay for something that's not worth the price they want you to pay! GOOD LUCK!!!

  14. I love the two tone kitchen and I think the backsplash looks fine. :) How exciting! I have read on someone else's blog about the appraisal coming back lower than the purchase price. In that situation RH and the buyer met in the middle on price. In my opinion you shouldn't have to pay anything over the appraisal price and RH should cut their loss on the remainder. Is it a big difference between the appraisal and the purchase price?

  15. Can I just move in to your house? It is GORGEOUS! Like everyone else said, the back splash doesn't look at bad when you take a step back. I love the two-toned kitchen. My husband is hoping that our kitchen will inspire me to cook too! We will see. I love the dark floors and basement. You really did go all out! It looks great! Good luck with the appraisal ordeal and enjoy your new home! I am so excited for you!

  16. You home looks absolutely stunning. I am loving all the color choices you have made. The kitchen is exquisite and I LOVE the backsplash. I think we got the same model appliances (no double wall oven for me, just the range and the microwave). You all should be very proud of what you so elegantly created. <3

  17. I'm sorry Nadase for not posting sooner - I'm slacking lately! I absolutely love your house! WOW - it is gorgeous! I can see why you wanted a grand reveal day!!

    I hope everything works out for you, and that RH can help work this out. Please keep us posted, as we will all be worried until we hear!!

  18. Beautiful home !!! The selections you made have us speechless.

  19. Your kitchen is amazing! I'd even say your backsplash looks good, though there aren't so many shots where it really competes with the granite.

    On the appraisal: I'm so sorry for your stress. I think think it will come out OK in the end, but I'm sure there will be plenty of nail biting in the meantime.

    When it actually comes down to it, they can't force you, where is the extra cash supposed to come from? Ryan Homes HATES to have inventory LIKE THE PLAGUE they will go to great lengths to avoid it, plus if it won't appraise for you it won't appraise for anybody, so how are they supposed to sell it to anyone else for more than you have it under contract for? and every week they hold onto it looking for a buyer costs them money. What random person off the street is even going to want it as much as you do? and as long as a loan is involved it must make the appraisal.

    However, you have some negotiation ahead, and even if the Powers that Be at RH were willing to cover the whole difference and it was magically ready to go, they have some paperwork to do with the loan. If the price changes, that changes the loan and the closing paperwork at least has to be redone, maybe some more loan approval etc with the changed amount, so be prepared for that.

    Prune has more on the blog from last fall, but that was much earlier in the build process.

    Good luck on everything, we're pulling for you!

  20. Beautiful! You guys know how to roll...wet bars, saunas, awesome kitchen. So jealous!

  21. I love your basement and especially the wet-bar. LOVE!

  22. OMGGGG your house is amazing!! That kitchen looks like something from HGTV! Love, Love, Love everything. Congrats on your beautiful home :-)

  23. I just wanted to thank you for being such a great blogger and posting such great pics! Your picture of your wet bar in the basement was inspiration for our bar in our Rome and helped us relay exactly what we wanted to our PM. I wish I was a better writer so I could join in with the Ryan blogging community, but you and your fellow bloggers are fabulous and help make things so much easier on the rest of us as we all share in this process.

    1. You are welcome Amber and thank you for the wonderful compliment!! Where are you building your Rome and do you have a blog--it sounds like you may not! #sadface Would love to see pictures of your Rome!! We have a few Rome bloggers sure would be nice to see you start a blog and share your journey.

    2. We are building in Bel Air, MD. I don't have a blog, but maybe I will try to start one :-) We break ground in about a week and a half!!! Thanks again!

  24. We're looking to build a Rome in Aberdeen. I love seeing your pics :)

  25. Your picture's are awesome. We made some of the same selections. I love how everything looks !!