Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reveal Day- Pictures Part 2

This is Part 2 of Reveal Day!!!
I forgot to mention yesterday that we left home with the walk through check list that from M's blog (awesome), the pen, the pad, the tools to check electricity that Cami suggested on her blog (the PM used his tools and we will use ours after we move in - great tip Cami!), the level and  DID NOT USE ANY OF IT!   WHY?
We chose to be in the moment and enjoy the experience!  We chose to be observer's in our new home instead of running through the house picking out what may be wrong!  If we saw something we pointed it out; however, we chose to disarm the BLUE TAPE!  This felt so much better than looking for what was WRONG.  Our choice was to focus on what was RIGHT!
This allowed us to relax and have FUN!

Window View In My Dressing Room  : - )

Hubby's Combo Gentlemen's Closet
(Shoe Parlor in the Back & Hanging in the Front)
We are installing Custom Closet Systems in both of our Dressing Rooms, so we asked to delete shelving in our closets to avoid leaving holes in the wall.

The Master Bedroom is HUGE!
I love the space in here!!
Open Door is Entry into Hubby's Gentlemen's Closet

Children's Guest Bedroom #4

Let's Go Back Down stairs!
Upstairs Hallway
Standing in the Entry of Bedroom #2 (My Dressing Room)  

Partial View of Kitchen looking into Morning Room
Partial View of Powder Room
Partial View of Dining Room & Pantry Closet

Dining Room/Living Room w/Columns
Bay Windows Facing the Pond

Standing in Dining Room - Facing towards Front Door
Partial View of Front Porch through the window
Oil Rub Bronze Chandelier

Huge Pantry - Love it!!


  1. Your pantry is HUGE! I love all the molding and trim!

  2. I love the molding too! And those bay windows have the best view!

  3. Your floors are stunning! And I love the trim, and the bathroom vanities, and the showers, and, well, EVERYTHING! Absolutely stunning!

  4. Everything looks amazing! The view, the hardwoods, the trim... you are going to love your new home!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! Love what you did upstairs and again, LOVE the hardwood!!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the dining room and the floors as well!

  7. Wow it's truely breath taking! I have to say I'm totally jealous over every inch of your home! I hope that someday this is the kind of house my husband and I can retire in! I know that now I couldn't dare to expect this kind of luxury but a girl can dream... we have to save our spare rooms for our future children so no dressing room for me! Although I will probably use one of the empty rooms for an extra closet until we have kids!

  8. Love those espresso floors! We thought about choosing that color but thought it would be too dark since all of our cabinets are espresso. Love the bay windows... I haven't seen bay windows on many of the blogs. The view of the pond would make that a great spot for a window seat.

    Oh and you will be happy to know I didn't obsess over the list during our walk-through, but we did cover the majority of it anyway. =)

  9. The bay window in your dinning room looks really good with the trim work.

  10. Go you! I'm really impressed! You have some great options that weren't offered where we are at all, I'm so glad you're finally getting here after waiting so long!

  11. The house is just beautiful... You made great choices!!!

  12. Love the views and the bay windows!!

  13. I'm also impressed with the "relax and enjoy it" strategy. I got looking for the flaws in the inspection period and its hard to stop (though it doesn't help that there are SO MANY)

  14. This is absolutely beautiful...I love the floors, the columns are really nice feature, everything looks amazing. I can't wait for our walk through next week, we have a palermo like Cody and Jennifer LeBlanc, but we are building in Accokeek, MD. Enjoy your new home. I followed their blog and that's how i found yours.