Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Stopped by the community to check out the sites/sights near our lot and as you can see the Milan on Lot #30 is making much progress and the Victoria Falls on Lot #29 next door to us is rising up!  I was excited to also see the light post which will be right in front of our house--look closely and you can see our sold sign and the light post.  Our drive way is 60 feet back which gives us plenty of parking space.  Our house meets at the point of the house on Lot #29.  Their driveway is also 60 feet back from the street.  Awesome!!

Here is a larger picture of the lamp post in front of our Lot #28.  You can see in the background the Oberlin to the right on Lot #27 which is nearly complete.  They have a fantastic view of the pond.  You can literally see the entire pond from every window on the first floor.  It's breathtaking!

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