Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Until today, I had been agonizing for days over the exterior colors of the house.  My fellow bloggers supported me with a tool and a picture of a house and these resources supported me in making my final decision.  The Silver Mist was definitely an option; however, using the tool and looking at the picture I could tell that the Silver Mist was closely in color to the Island Pearl.  So I went back to visit the SR and we sat to remix my color choices.  This meant I had to release the idea of having black shutters and door.  This choice was much easier to make once I discovered that the house on Lot#29 and Lot #32  chose black shutters.  Lot #27 has greenwatch shutters which is so dark it looks black.  So here is my remix:  Elevation C (partial stone veneer (color Aspen), vinyl (Sandy Tan), trim (natural almond) shutters (brown) and door (carbon copy).  These colors have the warm look and feel that I wanted.  I wanted to see some color when driving up to the house.  NOW......this works.


  1. I like the remix better too, turn up the volume! :) --Ericka

  2. Yes, that will be very nice. Our Rome will have Sandy Tan siding as well. Good choices!

  3. I know it's a few years since doing this blog but we are starting to build our Ryan Home now. May I ask what tool I can use to look at exterior colors? Thank you!!