Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today we received FANTASTIC news:

(Quick Side Bar):  Isn't this little guy cute, borrowed from one of our fellow bloggers!!  I was finally able to get him to dance for me!  Whoo hoo!


The permit to build the Front Porch on Elevation C was approved for our Fairwood Community by the Council Woman of Prince George's County! We can now proceed with breaking ground on our new home on Monday, September 17.  Fingers crossed the date does not change because we now need our permit for our lot. 

When I submitted the request, they decided to push this approval for three reasons:

1) We were told we could build Elevation E; however, after two months they rescinded this option because it was never approved for our community
2) They really like the front porch on Elevation C and want to offer it to future home builders
3) They plan to build another model in our community next Spring: A Rome Model, Elevation C with the infamous Front Porch

The Rome model has become very popular and is the best seller in our community.  The closest Rome model is in Bristow, Virginia (an hour and 11 minutes drive from our community). So what better plan than to build a Rome with the Front Porch in Fairwood!!

They plan to move out of the current Jasmine model in the Spring and surrender the model to its current owner.  I was told they do not have future plans to build Elevation E because it does not fit the standard they want to maintain in our community.  At this time, they will ONLY build Elevations A, B & C!

Here is a little information for future Rome home builders to consider in the Fairwood Community and other Rome home builders:

Elevation A - one small peak on the exterior w/brick option only (inside windows in loft area are not symmetrical) (vinyl may be offered in another community/state)

Elevation B -  two small peaks on the exterior w/slight porch over the front door w/brick option only (inside windows in loft area are not symmetrical) (vinyl may be offered in another community/state)

Elevation C - standard two foot extension in the loft with extra square footage to bedrooms 3 & 4,  the windows on the inside & outside of the house are symmetrical in the loft area, built only with partial stone or brick veneer front, no vinyl  (vinyl may be offered in another community/state)

**As of today, in our community, the new home builder can build Elevation C with or without the front porch**  YAY!

For ALL Future Home Owners:
It's important to ask what elevations are approved for the model of your choice and the differences of those elevations in your community, because it is community and state specific.  It even makes a difference if the elevation you choose is reversed--the placement can and may be different from elevation to elevation.   It helps to visit the elevation that you are choosing to build to note the differences, because most people find out after the fact when it's too late.  Do your homework!!


  1. Congrats on the good news. I've learned a lot from reading your blog and a few others. I just wish I've found you guys earlier.

    1. Hi Carly, thank you very much!! We have been waiting for nearly a year, so today is a good day!! This gave me a lot of time to research the building process.

      Glad to have you aboard! What state are you building our home in?

    2. Delaware. Prince George County - Maryland? My husband and I loved the Rome elevation but it wasn't an option in the development where we're building at. So the Verona it is.

  2. Woohoo! That's great!!! So happy for you guys!!

  3. Congrats! What great news!! Now I'm jealous. I really wanted a front porch but the Yorkshire does not have that as an option and probably wouldn't look right with one!

  4. That's awesome. We'll be building pretty much the exact same time, should be an interesting month! :)

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to September 17. Keeping our fingers crossed they don't change the date! Do you have your dates yet?

    2. Sept. 17th and Dec. 13th is the estimate. We'll be the last house / delivery of the year in our neighborhood. That is pending no more torrential rain, can't be too mushy otherwise we get pushed back. Hopefully sunny days ahead!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! You guys are moving along at your house!

  6. Congratulations guys...that's excellent news!! Looks like we'll be digging about the same time. Really glad you got the porch! That was the reason we chose the elevation we did...can't wait to sit there on a nice Fall evening!

    1. I cannot tell you how happy this makes us! It took 5 weeks but it was worth the wait! My husband and I are looking forward to doing the same thing on those nice evenings. What is your breaking ground date?