Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 25 - Guardian Selections (Thursday)

We met with Guardian on Thursday at 1:00 pm to go over the placements for our options.  We have several different options and I am glad we met because some of the locations were not accurate.  For our Guardian package we chose the following: surround speakers throughout, security system with hook up by cell and land (just because), window sensors and motion contacts, two television mounts, two landline hook ups that comes with the package which I am happy about because I believe in having a regular landline with a traditional cord phone for emergencies which I have been doing for years especially with the innovative technology growing on the market, (6) cable outlets of which (2) are included for every RH builder and last but not LEAST, the Central Vacuum System with Crumb Catcher.  It was very clear in our meeting what was important to DH and what was important to me and we managed to work it out.  Thank you, God!  Photos below:

Main keypad in mudroom

outer speaker on deck and volume control

kitchen speakers

Random picture not Guardian related - the orange markings indicate to install laundry upstairs

markings in black -- our PM wrote for workers to redirect laundry to the basement

Glad I caught this!!!! Because I have NO desire what so ever to have the laundry upstairs!!!!

This is where the ole school comes out in me.  The laundry is cute upstairs but not practical for me.

Caution to new home builders:  I have heard and read some horror stories about huge rumbling sounds from the washer/dryer throughout the house when doing your laundry.

More Guardian Markings

Outlet for Central Vacuum

cable outlet for Loft

markings for volume and central vacuum in master bedroom

another marking for master bedroom

marking for motion contact in basement

Geesh!  I think I forgot what these are for - it makes so much sense to take pictures and record your data to understand the bones of your house.  one is for the volume control for the basement speakers and I believe the other is for cable???

Guardian Rep measuring the distance for each central vacuum outlet
wrong placements in kitchen

marking for telephone jack mounted high in kitchen

markings for family room

marking for internet and phone
I need to double check this -- seems as if second phone line is missing - there is only one marking and there should be two
window contact

marking for crumb catcher near kitchen sink - YAY!

markings for basement speakers

temporary marking for television mount in small storage room


  1. I am jealous of your central vac! That was my biggest temptation at the Guardian meeting, but I had to say no. I am sure you will LOVE it :)

  2. A crumb catcher in the kitchen that goes to the central vac??!! OMG that is fantastic and I have to admit, it would have been a huge selling point... had our guardian rep told us about it. I'm jealous of your central vac! Thanks for mentioning the upstairs laundry room too. We flip flopped back and forth between the Florence and the Venice models. One of the things I liked about the Venice was the upstairs laundry room. Now, I'm happy with our choice to go with the Florence. The laundry room is located near the bottom of the stairs, so I'll get some exercise during the day running laundry upstairs ;)

  3. What did you find out about your one marking when you thought there should be 2? We had a bunch of Cable & Data plus singles (C or D) and there was only one mark per box, even if it was both Cable and Data