Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 24 - The ROOF is ON!!! (Wednesday) (Halloween)

Arrived on the scene yesterday before noon and the men were working on our ROOF!

These guys live on the edge and they stay harnessed for safety!

The winds are still coming in but not as heavy!  They had to get rid of the old tar paper.  I know the name of it now, THANKS M!

Look closely near the morning room and you can see the guy's harness and he is to the right of the roof!


What a mess; however, I am extremely grateful we were not hit like some other homes.  My heart goes out to ALL the families who experienced the devastation of SANDY!

The entire backyard and our neighbor's yard were cleaned up and looking pretty good!

I was able to test out the texture of the TAR PAPER and there was NO way it could have withheld the winds of SANDY!

Rick and I came back together later on in the afternoon once the guys were finished with the roof!  Rick is checking out the floors and they are looking pretty good!  The PM arrived while we were there to give us an update.  We have been set back on our HVAC  installation and plumbing this week.  The HVAC stuff was still wet from the rain. They don't plan to do any work on Thursday.  However, we do have an appointment with Guardian to go over the placement for the options we have chosen.

View from Bedroom 3

Looking good and all cleaned UP!  


  1. Don't you just love walking through your house? It's so addicting!

  2. Things are moving right along! You guys will be in there in no time.

  3. Glad to hear that everything is good with you, especially the roof. And you are quite lucky that Sandy did not cause major damage on your on-going house construction. Many people were devastated by this unfortunate event. But I guess the lesson here is to prepare your house for this kind of events. It would be advisable for you to make sure that your roof structure is sturdy and can hold severe weather conditions like storms and hurricanes. [Joanne Barragan]

  4. You are so fortunate not to have been affected by Hurricane Sandy! Just to be sure, secure all construction equipment, and check the cranes, hoists, and scaffolding to withstand heavy winds during rainy conditions. It is better to prepare than struggle with starting the construction again from step one.

    William Gulliver

  5. It must have felt great after seeing your house finally having a roof! It’ll look a lot better when it's finally done! Is the house complete by now? Having a new house is arguably one of the best feelings ever! Especially if you’re starting a family!

    Noreen Saint