Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Support

As you know from Sandy's visit lots of families lost their homes during the building of our new homes. It's a blessing that most of us are safe and sound and experienced very little or no damage at all.  One of our fellow bloggers created a very informative site around the aftermath of Sandy and how you can contribute and support these families who experienced the devastation of Sandy.  Should you feel led to extend a hand of support, click on her page to choose the resource that works best for you to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  She outlined several different resources for you to choose from. Thanks Erica for creating this wonderful opportunity.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm happy to say that us NJ "Mom Bloggers" are also in process of adopting families to support personally. Also, if you text to 90999 the words "RED CROSS" to donate $10. Thank you!!!

    1. I tried but it did not work. In the space to dial a number on my phone I entered 90999 and it registered as 909-99 and I sent the message Red Cross. The response I received twice was message not delivered and service may not allow short cut text. It seems as if I must change my settings or call my carrier to include short cut text. Please share what I am missing. Thanks! ANd/OR you can send me a link to my email address for donation.