Tuesday, January 8, 2013

REVEAL DAY!!! That's the Way I LIKE it! Pictures Part 1

Press Play While Viewing :-) We had a fantastic day and I am super excited about our new HOME!  We met with our PMs from 10:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Both Greg and Ryan have done a fantastic job on our home!  I keep using the word fantastic because it looks and feels so beautiful.  I even loved the way the backsplash looks in the kitchen.  Imagine that!!!!  It's going to work out after ALL!!

 I strongly suggest that you have breakfast before your walk through!  We plan to meet up with him again on Friday at 10:00 for a mini walk through to see the finishing touches on the house before our closing at 11:00 am.  Tomorrow is a very promising day for the exterior to be painted.  The weather forecast is suggesting 57 degrees at which must be at least 50 degrees.  So the timing is impeccable because I really wanted us to move in with a finished HOME and that we will have.  I am so elated!!  On another note, we still wait in anticipation for the "clear to close call" from our Loan Processor which we expect to happen tomorrow.  Our Loan Processor, Stephanie  is on IT!  She is absolutely amazing!!  I couldn't have asked for a better Loan Processor.  I also have to admit that our Loan Officer, Moe is awesome too!  They are during a fantastic job and have been doing so since we started working with this new TEAM!   In the meantime, I have loads of pictures to share and my  computer isn't cooperating!! UGGHH!  To avoid getting booted out again, I must send the pictures in groups.  So here is the first set.  

Lots of Sunshine coming through the windows!!
Mud Room / Carpet / Espresso Banister & Hardwood Floors
 I plan to change out the white for a deep dark grayish color iron/metal inserts for a different design style.
I really don't like the white between the Espresso
 Let's Go UPstairs!

Taking Picture from the corner of the Loft
Facing Converted Laundry Room (My Lady Lair)
Laundry Room is in the Basement
Straight ahead is the Guest Bathroom
   Bedroom #3 for Adult Guest - Door on the Right
The Boob Flush Mounts in Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

Standing in Master Bedroom
Top of Steps - Hallway
Facing the Loft for Library/Study Lounge 

Guest Bathroom
 Requested PM to install Durango Shelves in opposite corner away from shower head

View of Guest Bathroom
 Durango Shelves opposite side of shower head
I felt safer with the shelves on the opposite to create more elbow room while showering
LOL - looking at this picture you can see the towel bar and opposite end of shower in the mirror - looks weird!

Partial View of Master Bathroom
Looking into bedroom and door open to hubby's closet

Another View of Master Bathroom & Carpet
Entry to My Dressing Room Straight Ahead & Next Picture shows the other side of my dressing room

Master Bathroom Closet & Bedroom #2 Combined to Create My Dressing Room
Door to the left is the Guest Bathroom


  1. You already had the record breaking pre-construction meeting... did you have to take the record for the walk-through too? =)

    Yay on you even liking the backsplash now! Do you think you will keep it as is now?

    I hope they are able to get your exterior painted tomorrow. I don't know where they came up with the whole 50 degrees thing because they painted the bulk of our exterior in temps lower than that. Some days might have even been in the 30s.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you get the clear to close call and exterior paint tomorrow!

    Those mirrors really throw off some of the pictures... I stared at the guest bath for a while trying to figure out what was wrong... then I read your comment about the reflection! Everything looks great!

  2. Wow! Your home looks beautiful. Congratulations again.

  3. Oh its BEAUTIFUL!! I love how the tile in your master is on the diagnal. I wish I had thought of that. I also love your dark floors, I picked the darkest we could get without upgrading because it just wasn't in our budget. Everything looks AMAZING!

  4. Everything is looking AMAZING!!! I had the same thought about the stair banisters as well...looking back its one of the shoulda woulda coulda things that we will have to go back and do later. I also want to put in a dark metal (preferably as close to oil rubbed bronze) as I think that the white is just to stark a constrast on the railing.

  5. It is so beautiful! Your hardwood floors look AMAZING! I love the carpet color. I am so excited for you! Putting out good thoughts that everything will go smoothly at your closing and you will be getting those keys for your well deserved home. I just hope you don't break the record for the longest closing also! LOL!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You guys know how to design. It makes me re-think some of the things we did. Yikes!

  7. LOVELY! I'm so excited for you and the hubs. God is so good to us!

  8. Beautiful! I cannot wait to see the rest! I wish I would have thought of the diagonal floor tile as well - such a standout feature that really sets the bathrooms apart and makes it look more custom.

  9. this looks amazing!! i know ur super excited congrats lol congrats

  10. Looks awesome... I LOVE the dark hardwood!

    1. It looks amazing, I like the dark tile with the grout in your master bath. The dark hardwood is awesome, am glad you're liking the backsplash now

  11. Beautiful! And I loved listening to the music as I scrolled through the pictures :) Congratulations!!

  12. Your home is so grand looking!! Absolutely beautiful!!!