Friday, January 11, 2013

This is a HOLD UP!

We are "NOT CLOSING" today!

We are waiting for a few documents from NVR!  One being our certificate of occupancy which was signed weeks ago by our PM! 
We have our final approval!  However, we need our "clear to close call" which will not happen without the paperwork and once it is received the paperwork needs to be processed for clearing!
 There is a total disconnect and miscommunication between all parties involved!  No one seems to know what is going ON!  

This is crazy!!
It looks like we may be able to close on the original date, Tuesday, January 15, 2013, given from our PM during our pre-construction meeting after all.  We still plan to meet with our PM today at 10:00 am for the mini walk through.

The letter from NVR with our walkthrough and settlement dates mean nothing at this point. 
Hopefully, we will receive confirmation today!!


  1. Aw man!! I know you were so excited about closing today and getting into your home. Hopefully things will be squared away quickly and you can close on the 15th...I'm supposed to be closing on that day as well.

    1. Did you do a blog? I see your profile but usually the blogs aren't on there unless you add a link. I'm just curious because it says you went to school in NC and we're in the Charlotte area :)
      (I did a blog at and closed 12/21, now I'm doing a few short posts on the Milan going in next door and longer ones on the finished home.)

    2. Hi Julie, yep my blog is Nice to meet a fellow Charlottean :).

  2. Oh no! so sorry to hear! It's such a shame that NVR can't get it together after all these years and knowing they this is such a problem! I've heard so many stories about not closing on time or not at all the last minute! It makes so so nervous I feel like I can't enjoy the building process! Good luck and I hope that you can close soon!

  3. If your home appraises for less, don't they have to reduce your sales price? That would be good news, no?

  4. I hope everything works out for you. You only have to wait a few more days. I know now that I shouldn't schedule my POD to come until I'm headed to closing that day!

  5. So sorry! I hope you're holding up OK. This has got to be TOUGH!

  6. I'm so sorry! How disappointing! I hope they work everything out so you can close on the 15th!

    What are they doing about the difference in the appraisal and the sale price?

  7. UGH! Hang in there! Hoping you get in there on the 15th!

  8. I feel like you have had the worst luck with this whole process! Just a little longer and you'll be in your beautiful home and can get on with the fun stuff... decorating!!!

  9. What about your fridge? Weren't you having it delivered today??? OH NOOOOO!!

  10. I m so sorry..
    why NVR is doing last minute rush!?
    NVR can see Ryan's files & have full access than why this delay!?

    hope before 5.00pm you had magical key..

    with love

  11. That really stinks. I hope it closes by Tuesday. :)

  12. Awww, dayummmm!! This is some bullshigity. Hang in there guys, this is going to work out just fine.

  13. What are you doing about your deliveries...

    You find out anything else today.?

    I have called NVR every other day for the last two weeks to make sure things were going ok...

    Everyone stay PROACTIVE!

    Nadase, as you told me earlier it will work out, boy someone above is testing your limits arent they? Where is the lesson?


  14. Oh, wow...that is terrible. I can't imagine having my hopes up, things scheduled, etc and then being told there is a hold up. I hope it all works out very soon!