Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breaking NEWS!!


Our LOT #28 & LOT #52 broke ground the same week on October 3, 2012, only a DAY apart.   I just found out last week that LOT #52 went to settlement the week of December 17 and have already moved into their brand new home.  We were only a day apart which meant we could have easily been in our home this month.  (RANT) How is this possible????   I was really hoping we were going to be in our new home by the end of this year; but it was dragged out to January.   This was a huge disappointment; but it was set up that way from the beginning.  When I asked WHY I was told we had several customizations that is requiring them to move the date out further.  Honestly, I know they could have closed us by the end of December because they were moving at a rapid pace with our home even with some of the mishaps of reordering supplies.  They have done a wonderful job with building our home and we could have been in our home before or by December 31.  Typically, it takes 75 days to build a home and 90 days is given for grace.  We are way past the 90 day mark approximately 100 days into our build.  I have watched some of our fellow bloggers break ground the same week and have closed on their homes so I know it was possible and I also know that the customizations were done so early that we could have gone to settlement this month.  They also said that they had to factor in the weather too.  It bothers me that we did not close by the end of this month because we waited so long to break ground and it will be over a year by the time we close.  February 9 to January 11.  I really wanted us to start the new year in our home.  In the meantime, I am keeping my fingers crossed and prayers lifted that we close as scheduled and we won't keep getting dragged out further and further.  Enough is Enough.  In the meantime,  I am happy we will be moving into a brand new home, I am happy my husband and I will be building our new foundation for our marriage in our new home, I am happy to have more time to tidy up loose ends to move as scheduled, I am happy that we get to live in a home that meet our needs and desires and I am happy that we had a great team to work with at Ryan Homes, Angela (SR),  Howard & Moe (Loan Officers), Stephanie (Loan Specialist), Greg and Ryan (PMs) including Dina at CTI, Mary at M&R Flooring and Kenneth at Guardian.  Lastly, I can't wait to get into our new home and jump for joy like a little girl with two afro puffs blowing in the wind.

Currently the following items need to be addressed before we can have our walk through as scheduled:

1.  Exterior house painted.  We are on the schedule for Wednesday/Thursday of this week of December 24 provided that the weather will allow it because it must be 50 degrees or higher to paint.  According to the the Washington, DC Metro area weather forecast this week, we are expecting rain and temperatures below 50 degrees.  It would be nice if the weather cooperates and shifts to warmer temperatures.   I really would love to see the door painted black along with the ivory pearl from the brick to grade and all the outside trim.  It would have been a nice gesture if the PM scheduled the painters while the painters were painting the house on LOT #52 since we were only a day apart or scheduled the painter when the weather was pleasantly warm the past couple of weeks.

******As of December 26 it is raining cats and dogs outside (no exterior painting will be done and the weather is calling for temperatures below 50 degrees****

2.  Installation of the OTR microwave and cook top.  

3.  Final paint of the interior home

4.  Interior railings stained to the same color as our espresso hardwood floors.

5.  Window in bedroom 2 needs to be replaced (it's cracked at the top)

6.  Installation of outside railings

7.  The PMs complete punch list completed

8.  Hepa system installed for the Central Vacuum System

9.  Receive Final Approval Letter from Ryan Homes

10.  Installation of large piece of slab missing from the floor to ceiling fireplace.


  1. If anyone feels your pain it is me....we broke the same time as well.....So we are exactly on the same timeline, so it happened to me as well if that makes you feel better.

    I am in panic because we are 19 days till closing and soo much needs done, brick still not done, no siding or any....i mean any outside work....inside still a mess, trim not bathroom fixtures or faucets NO WATERTANK, and it snowed 4 inches today!!!!

    I am panicking!! Can it be done???

    And out LOT still has sooo much work, tons of holes and mounds of dirt...can't wait to see this, our rate lock expired Jan 13th, they pushed to Jan 15ht, I dont see them pushing it again....

    Any ideas anyone???

    1. You know I understand DW!!! The waiting can be very difficult and for us it's been a year so you know I know!!!! I left you a post response on your blog! Once they get in there they move at a rapid pace and the items on your list can be done in record time without compromising the integrity of your home.

      I was told by our LO that whatever date you have for your lock expiration there is a five-day grace attached to it. I cannot imagine RH tasking you with starting the underwriting process over since you locked in at your 60 day timeframe and you are so close to closing.

  2. Is Lot #52 is a smaller house? If not, then I can't see what would cause a three week difference between houses. Maybe they just have a bare bones build? I can see why you would be frustrated! However, I agree you should enjoy the extra time you have to get packed and ready to go. :)

  3. i'm guessing the other house didn't have all the non standard requests as you all did to my understanding they would take xtra time to complete and be inspected. i wouldn't want them to rush especially if there are things that they normally don't do for these ryan cookie cutter homes. at least you will be closing soon.

    1. Hi Asia, the non standard requests have been completed for quite some time now. They did an awesome job getting them done in record time. We are on the home stretch....can't wait for next Tuesday for the walkthrough. ;-)

  4. I think a lot of it is due to the non-standard requests y'all had put in for. As Asia said, they take longer to design, implement, and inspect. Also, by my calculations y'all are currently 85 days into the build and will be done at 100 days. That is still longer then the 90 day grace period. Ours finished about 85 days of total build time.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Toquothty! I corrected the number for the days of completion to 100. I was using our original closing date of January 15 for my count.

      What house are you building or have built? Are you blogging on your new home?

    2. Toquothty, as I mentioned to Asia--the non-standard requests were done in record time which they did a fantastic job completing. I was impressed. My discontent was watching our house being placed on hold as i watched the production of the Rome model given precedence over our home. They started construction nearly a month after us and the house is near completion and the little things for our home were being delayed.