Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 10 - It's PACKED & READY to GO! - Update

I am just posting this progress today; however the WORK was completed on Friday!  I have some really great pictures of the guys in action but will post later.  They plan to cement on Monday and lumber is expected between 1:00-2:00 pm on Tuesday.  Our PM told us that they typically deliver the lumber later in the day because it is TOO large to travel on the highway during the morning hours with heavy traffic.  We will begin framing on Wednesday and our house will be standing by Friday.  I am expecting a fabulous week!  In the meantime, check out Friday's WORK!
Our LOT #28 sign is back in business with a new dress!

I talked to our PM and these guys are protecting the meter from being destroyed by those massive trucks!  I love the caution that is put in place for each phase!

The drive way has been put back into place with new gravel!

My soon-to-be neighbor on LOT #40 and
Our PM discussing our timeline for this week!

Sorry for the pictures that came out duplicate, I kept trying to delete them but they deleted my entire POST.  Uggghhh!!   
So I refuse to push the remove button.

Here is that black supply bucket from the other day, I have no clue what this is prepped to do.

Basement is READY!

They will cement the garage and basement on Monday!  


  1. Hey congrats! It's awesome to see progress, right? It's so great, you guys are on the exact same schedule as us!! We live far from the new house right now, so we only go on the weekend and thus we can't really ask what really each step means. Yesterday we say our basement was exactly like yours in the pic, and now I know thanks to you that it means it's ready!! :)
    Our framing is also going to start Wednesday :)

    1. Hi YMK! Thanks for visiting our blog! It's great to see a new face! What type of home are you building and may I be invited to join your blog to follow on your journey? There are a few pictures that I left that would had value to your journey. I will be adding just a couple more. feel free to join our blog

      Btw-it it makes you more comfortable you can email me the invitation to join your blog

  2. I'm hoping to see this sight very're winning the race so far! :D

  3. I have been following your blog and you guys are finally at that "sh!t's happening" stage. Now you get to go through these moments of "it's going so fast" AND "it's going so slow". In hindsight, it will fly by.
    Pick a spot in front of the house and take a picture every time you show up. When you move in, you can print and frame for a nice series of the build. I still have plans to do a 4 picture frame and hang it in the foyer.

  4. I came across you blog awhile ago. Now every time I ride down Church Rd I pay attention to your lot. I was surprise to see the progress of your home this past weekend! I'm also a resident of Fairwood. I live in the townhomes in The Bounty subdivision

  5. I love the pics up until you threw me in there. Lol! Our neighborhood will be complete soon. I'm so excited.