Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 17 - Framing - Main Level - Pt 2 (Monday)

It's Burnt Toast and Coffee Time!  
The guys are out and about and on the MOVE!  
These are early Monday morning shots!  
As I mentioned before, the wood is scattered throughout the cul-de-sac and it requires them to make several trips to get all the wood on the LOT! I caught them making the First Trip this morning!

With the guidance of his peers, he is coming in for a landing and if you look closely to his target location the floor has been installed over the fireplace foundation.

Take a close look at this guy who is obviously posing for the camera--he is propping up the bulldozer from the back to land the lumber!  AWESOME!

on his way back to get the rest!

Progression at 2:00 pm - our PM is leaving the site

These guys have their hands FULL - they must walk to the location of wood carry the joists to the lot.  Trust me they are not lightweight.  

Love the guy on the top - he has his swag on too!  lol

PM is leaving - there are some pieces missing from the package
He's checking to see what pieces are missing for the hanger

You can see straight through the house from the living room window to the morning room--soon this will not be possible to visualize.

You can see from this view that they are beginning install the along the perimeter for the second level.

I wish I could go inside but it's too dangerous!  I would love those photos!  The big X on the front is a clear indication to not enter and serving as a support mechanism.

Not sure what this tool is used for????

Here are some white pretty boards - not sure where they use them in the house.

This pile is getting smaller by the hour! This is the location the guys walk to for more lumber.  What's left are the second level floors and the lumber for the roof.

The morning room wall is up with window cut outs; however, it looks like the windows on the bottom are larger.  I like that!! This will be interesting to see how they are framed out!

The basement vault is officially closed!  
It's getting dark but these guys are working on prepping the space for tomorrow's activity.

This guy is directing the bulldozer!
It's getting darker.  In this picture you can see straight through from the front door to the morning room windows.  

Only two piles of lumber left--this makes 1 of 2 that will land on the second level and any moment the space will be void of wood.

Look closely--this is a view of all six houses in our cul-de-sac and our home will complete it.  Rick is laying against the truck, Aliyah, Ylicia and Harley are watching the guy bring in one of the last stacks of wood.

The last stack of wood that was the furtherest from the lot.
The iPhone takes great shots during the day; time to break out my Nikon D90!

The guys made some great progress today!!
They prepped the second level with the last two stacks of wood for Tuesday morning's framing.


  1. Yay! Looks great. I'm so excited for you.. You have waited a LONG time for this.

    1. That's right Catherine, it's been a looooonnnggg time and I want to capture each moment that I able too. Yay!!

  2. Must be so exciting after such a long wait! Totally awesome!

  3. Go you! yay! We were supposed to start framing yesterday, but for some unknown reason we didn't..

  4. Woo-hoo! Moving right along! You're right, the iPhone is awesome at daytime shots, but pretty bad once the sun goes down. :)

  5. Once again lots of action captured in your photos! I'm a wee bit jealous that you get to go more than once a day, when I only go every weekend when all the action has already happened.
    Your house looks great! You will be able to go inside pretty soon!
    Oh, and why are there two 'trays' where the fireplace would be?

  6. I can't wait to start getting progress pics like these! We break ground tomorrow so I will have to break out the good camera!

  7. As always a busy day for Nadase and her crew!!

  8. I'm guessing they are going to be covering the stamped (brick) concrete around the perimeter with actual brick? Do you know how much, especially by the morning room basement, will be exposed brick, and not vinyl run down the side?