Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 11 - Rain Down On Me! - Update

We were expecting to have our cement poured yesterday, Monday, October 15, however, Mother Nature had other plans. We are expecting sunny skies today and will proceed as scheduled. I stopped by our lot yesterday and found a couple of guys prepping for our concrete pour before it started raining.  The pictures below is the work they were prepping for the concrete pour.  Apparently, there were a few other steps involved that I was unaware of--check out the pictures below.  They were able to get this accomplished before the down pour. 

Our PM was onsite and gave me an update for this weeks activity. Cement is expected to be poured on our foundation/slab Tuesday, October 16 and our lumber should be delivered by Thursday and framing begins the weekend.  The employees in our community work over the weekend so let's see how far these guys get!  We also need to prepare for two meetings with our PM--one for the HVAC and the other meeting is to cover our electrical wiring placements.

Has anyone held a separate meeting regarding the HVAC system/set-up?  How did it go and what was the outcome?

I really want the water heater placed on the opposite wall including all the other utility equipment because we plan to finish the large storage room in the basement for DHs Media Man Cave.  I do not want the water heater pushed pass the sump pump which drastically alters the media room set-up!  The sump pump is already disrupting the area I wanted to place a mini laundry system. Luckily, we made the choice to finish out the small storage room because there are a bunch of funky pipes on the wall that must be enclosed in a closet to finish the room which changes the layout of the room. I am happy they will complete this project for us because those pipes are a huge intrusion plus I can plan this room out accordingly because the original interior design will not work.  The fun part is being able to create an interior design for the new lay out with a finished room.  YES!

They included this wood frame along the front of the garage.


  1. Ugh... the location of the HVAC is terrible for finishing a basement!! Ours is like right in the middle! We were told they can't change that stuff though because they have to put it where ever it is most convenient to get to the rest of the house.

  2. We didn't have a separate meeting on HVAC or electrical -- but we did go over those both at pre-construction with the blueprints and pre-drywall (where we very specifically placed each recess light, etc). Not sure how much wiggle room there is/was on the HVAC in the basement, but they did keep all our stuff to one area and even later moved a panel of gas shut-off valves so we could maximize the space there in the future.

    Good luck!

  3. Hehehe... I'm still seeing a panic room underneath the garage :)

  4. Hey, we might catch up with you then! I'm not holding my breath, but I talked to our PM today and he still thinks we could start framing Friday, even though we aren't even close to having a slab at the moment. Can't wait to see what's there tomorrow!

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