Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 19 - the ROOF is UP! (Wednesday)

Wednesday morning I drive up and the roof is being installed.

Notice the guy working on the roof, there is a small opening where wood is being hauled through it.

He is headed back for more wood!

Prepping the bulldozer to haul more lumber to the roof.

Alright, great JOB!

Clearly we are not to ENTER - it is dangerous at this stage!!

I came back later in the afternoon and found our first goodies!  YaY!!!
We have our windows and doors!  YES!!

Tobais is prepping this piece for the end of the front porch!

These guys love living on the EDGE!
 Notice the corner of the front porch, the piece of wood Tobais is prepping is going on the corner and I discovered what the pretty white boards are for - notice underneath the frame for the front porch - there you will notice the white pretty boards.

They discovered a problem with the end unit.  It was several inches too long and they found a solution for the moment. The corner unit should be flush with the wall.   The other worker has added some additional wood to get this piece installed.  It's intact, however, the unit is extended pass the corner of the house.

Notice the extra pieces of wood that they used to remedy the problem.  

I love the roof line here on the morning room.  They did a great job.
 They still have wood in the basement to complete the framing.

Snap shot looking through the windows from the front porch.

It's getting dark but these guys are still working!  He is getting the rest of the wood for the garage and front porch.

These are the baby trusses that will be used for the garage and front porch.  I kept wondering where these little pieces were going to be installed.  

This is where we left them last night!
They installed all the baby trusses but it was too dark to take a picture !


  1. WOW! Your home is massive! I can't wait to see it all dressed up....

  2. You've officially pulled ahead! They were supposed to start the trusses today at 5 but the crane hadn't arrived yet at 6 and the sun goes down at 7. :(

    But we have windows, and you don't, so THERE. :P

  3. Nadase, we see things are really progressing for you guys. We love the view that you are gonna have from your breakfast room. You guys must be so excited! We are really happy for you!

  4. Your contractors did an excellent job! Everything is looking good. Seeing the roof being constructed makes it look much more like a house already. There’s so much progress within their day’s work.

    Eulalia Symonds