Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 16 - Twas the NIGHT before Monday....

.....there wasn't a worker in sight!  

I returned today (Sunday) and this is confirmation the workers do not work the entire weekends; however, working on Saturdays is pretty cool!!  They do need a day of rest to build these homes efficiently unless they employ different crews for different days.

When my husband and I returned after 2:00 pm we could tell they had completed the framing around the perimeter and most of the flooring on the main level.  They were still in the process of installing the floors.  We watched them cutting wood as a tool to install the floors, they were cutting that wood so fast like it was nobody's business.

View from the basement morning room

View of the floor joists along the perimeter of the house. We have to catch most of these views from the neighbors lawn.  It's unfortunate but there isn't any other place to stand and plus the workers have done a number along the edge of her lawn.  I am sure when they sod our lawn they will repair any damage.

This worker is installing the floor over the fireplace

Most of the flooring is installed with the exception of the morning and living room. This is where they stopped for the day.
These are the pieces of wood that were being cut as they installed the floors.  

The unfinished area that will be complete tomorrow.

The opening for the basement stairs.  This is a great view of all the floors they installed.They did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure catching them in action.  Each day I feel a closer attachment to our "dream home."

I brought them pizza and pepsi for lunch.
We need a dumpster onsite because there is a lot of trash floating around our site.

Isz Wisz, the secret vault is locked down.

A view of the sky from inside the basement.  We will never catch this view again once the framing is complete.

They hauled this wood in before the joists were installed.  

Our LOT #28 written on our support beams.  Notice that the floor joists and the floors are installed on top of it.

Combo photo: a view of the sky, beam, joists and installed floors.

They are done!

The morning room wasn't complete before they left yesterday.  I like how it gives us a feel of what to expect with the enclosed basement and windows looking out to the pond.

The wood is scattered everywhere through the cul-de-sac



  1. Nice progress! The framing phase is pretty amazing in how the mix of prefab and on-site finish work comes together so fast. Enjoy it!

    1. It's awesome, Brian. All of the lumber is numbered and they follow the blueprints on site. There first job was to dismantled all of the pieces before they could get to the framing.

  2. You know I'm gonna say it.....WOW your people work fast, what amazing pics, I have to say these are my favorite so far!! I love the angles on your views how neat....How long do you normally hang out on the site to get such good pics? Jus curious? LOL...

    1. Thank you DW!! I am usually there for a very short period! Especially on Tues & Thurs when I have class. If the men are there I position myself take shots and move on. If they are not there, I take the time to walk the lot and whatever catches my eye I snap at it!! Tomorrow I will be taking some black & white photos with my old 35mm for fun and test my iphone for panaorama pictures. But all these pictures are from my iphone. I have a D90 but never take it to the site.

  3. I agree these are awesome pictures. You catch the action in these pics! So they are not just dead photos. And Nadase I love you view of the pond!! How cool is that! May you enjoy every minute in your new home soon!

  4. How exciting! They are making great progress. I agree with ^^ that you get amazing pictures. You should put them all in a custom photo book and put it on your coffee table in your dream home. It was very nice of you to buy lunch for the guys. Keep them coming.

  5. Yes, you definitely pulled ahead on Saturday! We didn't have any floors yet. Today I went by and the first floor walls are already in, so I won't get to see my floors without walls. :( Can't wait to see what was done today for you! :)

  6. Nadase, you crack me up with your action shots! I am too nervous to stop while they are working. BTW, i hope you dont mind but I am stealing the bible verse idea. My kids have looked a few up. My son said he chose And God said "Let there be light. And there was light". And he wants to put it above his light switch. Funny kid. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Go go go! Watching it all go up was such an exciting time. I think it only took about 4-5 days for the entire structure. When youre able to actually walk inside the framing youll get goose bumps and will start decorating lol