Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 9 - Back it UP!

This red truck is headed for more dirt.  He is alternating with the white truck to transport more dirt to our lot for back filling!

I have no idea what these guys STAND for! Do you? 
Please share if you know the answer.  Thank you.

The two trucks alternated hauling in the dirt as the guy in the bull dozer hustled to get the dirt back filled in the garage and front porch.

He's backing it UP!



Isz Wisz, this is what happens to that empty space in the basement and front porch. Next step: Pour Concrete on top of it

Okay, the red truck is returning to BACK IT UP!

The bulldozer is still hustling as he backs it up!

He didn't knock our Lot Sign Down!  Nice to see it back in place!

The back fill is complete for now!
These last two pictures are my husband's first contribution to the blog!  Yay!  He is standing in front of the garage and this lady was parked in our soon-to-be drive way and he had to park beside her.   He's already complaining about parking! Too Funny!

Gotta love him! lol 

His second picture is a little blurry--this is the right side of the house facing outward to the curb.
We have more grassy area than I thought we would have.
Pushing the house five feet back made a difference in several areas.  I can't wait to see it fully graded!


  1. I LOVE the location of your lot! What an awesome, perfect location, right in the curve of that beautiful cul-de-sac!

    1. Thank you Esquire-Ran, I love our LOT #28 too!! Honestly, it's such a cute cul-de-sac because it has only six homes facing outward which gives us privacy in the front and the back of our homes. I have not seen a cul-de-sac with this half moon shape. In other words, none of the houses are facing each other.

  2. That is one long driveway - truck driver has some mad skills!

  3. Got it! I was looking for that photo ;)

  4. Totally agree, what a perfect lot. Love the circle cul de! They are moving right along, soon you will be walking around a framed home.

    Nothing like moving in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!