Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 13 - Foundation is POURED!!!

We made some progress today. The beams were delivered today to begin the framing process! This is definitely a good sign that the build is getting ready for the next step to get framed.  Lot #52 had half of the main level framed out.  They may get the second floor framed tomorrow and the rest over the weekend. Again, I am not expecting to see the framing begin until Monday; however, I will keep checking on the daily progress.  I want to remain neutral from here on out to prevent from getting upset on the days I do not see any movement.  I have not seen movement in so many months that it has been a pleasure to watch the progress.  So remaining neutral is highly important and I am choosing to use that energy to focus on other things that need to get done while the house is being built.  

The garage is finished for now!
 I guess Isz Wisz will be able to to still see the secret vault.  lol

Not sure what the guy is doing below because we cannot be on the lot while the workers are on site.

Look closely you can see the guy below working on the foundation.


  1. Daily progress.....I know you want your house done too...floors are looking good...So your people work on the weekends? Not ours!...I got gravel yesterday and nothing else will be done will Monday....booo!!! I think they are way behind in our community so much lumber laying around, altho they would never admit they are behind...idk, maybe Im wrong, all communities do things differently...maybe lumber is suposed to sit out in the elements for weeks...

  2. I bet if you bring donuts they'll let you on site :P

  3. Exciting. The framing will go fast! Blink and you'll miss it.

  4. Woo hoo!! So happy for your progress. And Nadase, thanks for asking but I am not really blogging, just putting some pics of the family in one place as the house progresses :) I just enjoy reading all your blogs, makes me feel happy for all the fellow builders along with me :)