Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 12 - Technically Speaking...

We are right where we suppose to BE!

Technically speaking, in our community, we technically have one home that technically breaks ground per week with technically one PM.  We currently have nearly nine or less homes being built and the addition of a PM is a plus for project management.  I have technically watched every home in our community built with one PM and the week we broke ground, we broke ground with another house on LOT #52 (Another Rome).  Cute, right Isz Wisz!   As I mentioned, this was the first time two homes broke ground together.

LOT #14 (Another Rome elevation C with front porch) broke ground a week before our LOTs (52&28).  The month of September, LOTs #38 (Milan) & 40 (Another Rome) & 49 & 54 started their builds one week apart but not in that order I don't care to remember who came first in this moment.

The Rome being built on LOT #52 will always take precedence over our home according to our PM even though we broke ground a day later.   Technically as the build progresses our LOT will fall a week behind which means we can translate that to mean our build started October 11 and we were just given the opportunity to reduce our stress for waiting so long to break ground by beginning with LOT #52.

The Rome on LOT #14 is scheduled for settlement on December 21.

I suspect and I could be wrong that the Rome on LOT #52 may be scheduled for settlement the week of December 28.

We have several customizations for our build, the weather and the holidays to contend which brings us to settlement on January 15, 2013, as long as everything goes well with the mortgage company.

I am grateful that we got started with our build because the progress means so much to us and it puts us in a different frame of mind; however, I am clear that the progress of our home is technically a week behind.  It did not take long for this to happen.  We were told that we would have our cement poured on Monday; however, it rained.  : - (

Today we were suppose to have our cement poured but it did not happen.  : - (

LOT #52 cement was poured today and their lumber was delivered as scheduled today to begin framing this week.

Our PM told me that we won't start framing until their framing is complete.  This week officially begins the lag of our build which was just a matter of time I just wasn't sure how soon it would kick into gear.

We may get our basement and garage poured with cement tomorrow (Wednesday) and lumber on Thursday (maybe)?  Not sure since it did not happen today.  We were told framing would start on Saturday which would be great; but honestly, I am not expecting it too even though the guys work on the weekend because they must finish framing LOT #52 before they come to our LOT.  Where does this put us?  A week behind our start date so framing may not begin until Monday.  We shall see.....so this blog post is all about accepting where we technically are in our build.  It just appeared that we are ahead of other homes, but technically we are actually behind the others AND RIGHT WHERE WE GET TO BE TO MANAGE OUR EXPECTATIONS!


  1. These are all mere technicalities. ;)

    I'm glad they're at least being honest with you about it, though. They could easily just say "we're doing this on Xxxday" and not do it without saying why. This way you know where you stand, and can figure out when there's a REAL delay, as opposed to just staying in the established order. I hope they poured your cement today! And mine too! LOL

    1. Our PM has been managing our expectations from the day of the pre construction meeting which is pretty cool. I just realized that it meant we would always be a week behind the start date. AND they did pour our concrete TODAY!